gummybears and eyeliner
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I want to know yr opinion about the new episodes. I feel like it's become a show of Deke and Max, which I don't quite approve.

to tell you the truth i am very behind this season and have only seen one episode featuring deke so i’m afraid i don’t have an opinion as of yet.  the show always feels a little off balance when they try and introduce a new guy into the mix though.  hopefully it’ll be the max and caroline show again soon :)

Gummybears and eyeliner ftw

Hell yeah, who else is fucking excited for tomorrow night!?

Bless your blog, I've been looking for one like this for such a long time! ♥

thank you! :)

Crying because this blog is flawless. Thank you for making it!!!

Aww seriously, thank YOU :)

OMG!!! im so glaaaad I found your blog! im all hyper and what not :)) I FREAKIN' LOVE 2 BROKE GIRLS. I got addicted to it. watched it like a hundred times but still never gets tired and never gets old :D I literally searched for a 2 broke girls blog. (thankyou google. haha) anyways, I wanna personally thank you for making this awesome blog all about this awesome show :D ily ♥

ahh thank you!  i’m the same, i’ve watched it about a zillion times haha.  seriously thanks so much for this lovely message, you’ve made my day :)

Girl after my own heart.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, what?

With all of the video and file-sharing sites being shut down, I am worried I won’t be able to maintain this blog the way I had originally intended.  I have every episode that has aired this season saved to my personal computer and will gladly keep making gifs based on those episodes.  

I will try my best to get my hands on new episodes, but I could use your help!  I am going to turn on the Submit feature in the hopes that, after a new episode airs, those with working download links will kindly send them my way.  Thanks everyone!

One pastrami.  Can you do me a favor, dollface?